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Safety First
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Ocean King means extreme seaworthy ! Travel in safety beyond limits, travel in any weather conditions enjoying all the thrill of adventure.

You and your family will be protected by an impenetrable steel shell !

Ocean King is pleasure of sailing at 10 knots while achieving the greatest stability, the highest safety standards and a great ease of handling by a small crew.

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Go Anywhere
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Start your Adventure ! Ocean King is a true explorer yacht with great character designed as a home-away-from-home on the high seas.

Her “supply vessel look” and Ocean Tug characteristics has marked her out as one of most comfortable ship ever built.

Her huge fuel capacity, will allow you to have an incredible range, in order to explore the best places of the globe.

Combine the best

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Ocean King is an amazing cruise yacht designed to support the same technology and strength as a tug providing excellence to a demanding clientele. Her advanced steel hull design delivers outstanding sea-keeping and comfortable cruising.

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Design and materials

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Ocean King is built with the same technology and strength as a deep-sea tug, with incredible safety standards, low fuel consumption, easily managed by a small crew and with very few maintenance requirements. Read more about it.