Cantieri Navali Chioggia
La Cantieri Navali Chioggia S.r.l. nasce nel 1985 come cantiere navale specializzato in nuove costruzioni e manutenzione di qualsiasi tipo di nave fino ai 100 metri di lunghezza e 5.000 ton di dislocamento.


Hydrodynamic studies, Structural design, System design, Outfitting, Nesting.
inNave srl è un team di ingegneri, architetti e tecnici navali accomunati dalla passione per il mare e per le barche.

We are a team made up of engineers, designers and marine technicians brought together by our passion for the sea and the ships.

Our experiences through the most diverse sectors of naval industries helped us to create a group capable of dealing with a vast fields of nautical tasks, from the first concepts and ideas, through the interior and exterior design, to the finished product management.


Watermark Design

3D Interior Design
Watermarkdesign is a team of designers since 2003
Watermarkdesign is a Italian design team, which provides consultancy services in 3D modeling
and concept design ideas and styling, mainly in yacht industry.
Watermarkdesign also works in the product/industrial design area.
Our experience is the result of work in custom projects, combined with knowledge in nautic field’s special requirements.