Professional Explorer Yacht Goes Green

Professional Explorer Yacht Goes Green

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Ocean King Hybrid Solution brings clean engines into pleasure tugs.

Ocean King, the professional explorer yacht designed by inNave and build up by CNC shipyards in Venezia, releases a new hybrid solution, implementing a full electric engine on board of its explorer yachts. It will be presented during boot Duesseldorf 2017.

Presenting it for the first time at Boot Dusseldorf 2017, Ocean King Hybrid Solution follows the new green technology wave in the maritime industry. Started as a futuristic trend, now the hybrid technology turns into lifestyle and finally approaches big yacht industry. In the latest years we saw a strong speeded up the eco-sustainability and energy efficient, not only as terms but also as matter of facts.

Ocean King is working to bring forward this “green wave”, and to develop and to foster the hybrid solutions into explorer yachts’ universe.

Powered by a full electric battery mode system from Auxilia, this hybrid solution has an autonomy of four hours and can reach 7,5 knots with a maximum power of 2 x 50 kW. Rechargeable in few hours with the power from main engine, the full electric solutions guarantees reliability and a smooth navigation.

Set as an auxiliary engine, it is an alternative for the small manoeuvres in the marina, in protected bays, natural reserves or near the seashore, decreasing drastically the pollution both in terms of noise and emissions.

Ocean King is a true explorer, built with the same technology and strength as a deep-sea tug, with incredible safety standards, low fuel consumption, easily managed by a small crew and with very
few maintenance requirements.

Ocean King team will be presenting their new green solutions at Boot Dusseldorf on January 21-29 2017 in the Super Yacht hall at 7AF19 stand.

Download the tecnical sheet here