The Birth of a Real Explorer

Notes, ideas, philosophy and the genesis of the project.

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Nowadays the market of selling Yachts is in a crisis. Many shipyards have found themselves in serious trouble and tried to position itself on any niche market that had a positive sales trend.

This niche has been identified in media displacement with low fuel consumption and running costs. Many customers in fact, after trying fast boats, have realized how useless it is to have a boat that reaches 20 knots cruising speed, with high operating costs, poor seaworthiness and little comfort on board, rather than to have a boat to do 10 knots with low operating costs and a comfortable cruising unlike any other.

The search for boat of this type has created a “fashion effect”. This fashion was born overseas a decade ago but not so much with the need to be noticed or to be “different” from others, but with the need for many owners to navigate safely in rough seas as the oceans.In Europe in the production of this type of boat was exclusively the preserve of Dutch shipyards that, with the centuries-old maritime tradition, produced Yachts with these features but did not meet the aesthetic and functional needs of ship owners Mediterranean.
All this changed dramatically a few years ago when some wealthy ship owners have begun to look for these products and not finding them “Ready to buy” have decided to build yourself by purchasing mostly Tugs old and restructuring them at their leisure.

The problem was not completely solved as the “re-fitting” of these means involved the expenditure of a lot of resources and the result was not always predictable or satisfactory. In addition, a solution of this kind was the preserve of a few wealthy owners who could have large economic resources. “The Affair” was sensed by many sites and the production of Yachts nicknamed Explorer, Trawlers, Expedition, etc.. began to be a pivotal point in their production. Boating magazines began to appear pages of advertisements Yachts like phantom filled with news on their seaworthiness, the low running costs, comfort etc..

Apart from very few models of boats with notable features, the majority was and is composed of normal Yachts adapted to go slowly, with superstructures modified and made more angular, the prows more straight and everything ended there. Very few had features from “Ship”, the rest was a multitude of bad products.

In 2004, during a major boat show with a friend commander of tugs and a naval engineer with extensive experience in the design of tugs, walking around the fair and going on some of these Yachts, we realized that something was wrong. The friend commander said that he, with boats made that way, would not have even crossed the lake of Garda, let alone an ocean. The engineer, however, was shocked by what he saw on deck and in the engine room and was ludicrous explanations of those who showed and explained the boat.

Some solutions to these sites, they had nothing of sea, indeed some of the details (see unloading large masses) were totally inadequate and in unfavorable conditions they would convey the seawater into the interior of the ship instead of outside! In short, the disappointment of those who, like us, thought he was going to visit the “state of the art” Boat, it was great. The years passed and one day we found ourselves all of us engaged in the same activity. In fact, the vicissitudes and the incidentals of life brought us together to work in the Shipyards of Chioggia, a company specializing in the construction of Commercial Ships, Tugs and motorboats.

Mindful of what happened that day we decided to take up an old dream remained for years in the drawer and process it to achieve what is still lacking in the market and that is a “real ship”, a true Explorer’s built with the same technique and strength of a true ocean-going tug has an extraordinary safety, that is manageable by a few people who require very little maintenance and is a lasting investment for each owner.

Thus was born the project of “Ocean King” a project ever attempted before, that would give to the world of Yachting a new benchmark on how it should be built a “real” Pleasure craft.