Ocean King Hybrid Solution is on Superyacht International Magazine

Ocean King Hybrid Solution is on Superyacht International Magazine

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After the great success of our yachts at boot Düsseldorf 2017 we are delighted to know that we are in news again, as Ocean King Hybrid Solution is on Superyacht International Magazine.

Here you can find the article which features Cantieri Navali Chioggia (CNC) and inNave with a great interview, complete with images and technical specifications.

Read below a small extract of the article and download the full document here: Article on Superyacht International Magazine

Ma Victoire is the latest of the Ocean King 100’ explorer yachts to be launched by Cantieri Navali Chioggia (CNC), delivered in summer 2016 at a festive ceremony held against the splendid natural backdrop of Venice lagoon. The concept for this latest creation comes from the preceding series, the Ocean King 88’, a 26 meters explorer  with steel hull and aluminium superstructure. The hull of this latest yacht is instead 31 meters long, with changesn to the external design that give it decidedly more flare, but still maintain the spirit and shape of a true working vessel, designed for offshore sailing  whatever the conditions. The Ocean King 100’ was on show at the latest “Boot Düsseldorf”, last January 2017, with a novelty: a hybrid propulsion system that makes this explorer environmentally far more friendly and all the more efficient. A Ship, which in the Anglo-Saxon tradition is compared to a lady, with the result that we refer to her with female pronouns, is built using the same rugged technology of an oceangoing tug, is highly manoeuvrable, is sparing with fuel, and can be managed by a small crew.

So let’s find out something more about what’s behind the building of a boat of this type, by interviewing the two partners of CNC, the brothers David and Alberto Ballarin.

What’s the philosophy behind the Ocean King?

Alberto: The Ocean King is a very safe series produced boat, suitable for a customer who knows the sea and has already had other yachts before but who, still unsatisfied, wants a true and proper ship, made with professional technologies and to professional design.

David: The Ocean King project saw the light after I’d been to a boat show with a friend who’s both a captain and a naval engineer with oodles of experience, where we saw how most explorer yachts on show did not have what is needed to take to the high seas in safety and being able to economise on resources. The engine rooms were not professional, and some solutions adopted by some of the yards had nothing marine about them, indeed some details, such as the ability to offload large masses of water from on deck, were totally inefficient, and could in difficult conditions lead to the flooding of a boat instead.

Read more here: Article on Superyacht International Magazine